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Taverniti So Jeans

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Brought to us by famed designer Jimmy Taverniti, Taverniti So Jeans is a high-end of sportswear style designer jeans. Best known for his techniques involving stonewashing and garment-dying, Taverniti pays great attention to his jeans in particular. Although the Taverniti label also produces popular T-shirts and stretch tops, it is the vintage appeal of the denim line that has attracted the most attention to the brand.

By joining forces with fellow designer and businessman Paul Guez, Jimmy Taverniti launched Taverniti So Jeans in 2004. With new wash treatments and fits to offer, it wasn't long before their brand of premium designer denim gained widespread popularity in the US, Japan, and Europe.

This line of jeans is especially popular among the tall and slender. The seam down the leg is akin to that of True Religion jeans in the way that it twists to the front (known as the "Taverniti Twist").

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