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Spotting Fake Jeans

Fake 7 For All Mankind Jeans

Unfortunately, fake designer jeans are everywhere you turn on the internet. Even some sites that appear to be very reputable have knock-off designer jeans in their inventory. In order to prevent you from getting ripped off, we've put together this resource to help you determine whether or not the jeans you're eyeing are in fact authentic or not.

As a rule of thumb, you should always do a little snooping around by Googling the name of the site in question to see what other folks are saying about it. If they are selling fake jeans, chances are you're going to find some people complaining about it.

If you're using Ebay, it's a little easier to establish credibility. Although you can easily find fake designer jeans on Ebay, there are also tons of legitimate pairs. Ebay's feedback system makes it very easy for you to find out more about a particular seller and see what past buyers have to say about their products.

Now, to get even further in are some brand-specific guides for you to help you determine whether or not any given pair of jeans is the real thing for some of the most popular brands:

Fake Guides

For another very helpful and in-depth guide on buying authentic designer jeans on Ebay in general, click here.

And remember, no matter where you are considering making a purchase from, always be sure to trust your best judgment. If something about a particular website or seller just doesn't sit right with you, look somewhere else. It's not worth the headache to deal with sellers/retailers that you don't trust.

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