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First arriving on the denim scene in 2005, Rock Revival is a Los Angeles based designer jeans label that mixes the edginess and excitement of rock & roll culture with high-end fashion. The fashion savvy folks behind this up and coming brand are some of the same people that brought you other recognizable brands like Miss Me, Sang Real, and Mek Denim.

Although they've been in business since '05, the label remained relatively unheard of until 2008 when it was revamped and subsequently started gaining rapid attention. The two collections that Rock Revival is known for are its "Rock by Rock Revival" and their "Black Label Collection."

Rock Revival jeans have been popping up all over the media as of late, having been spotted on notable celebrities in publications such as OK Magazine, US Weekly and Rolling Stone, and they have also been seen on television on the hips of top contestants on American Idol.

When shopping for Rock Revival jeans, it's important to keep in mind that fits will vary, even between the same styles. The reason for this is that Rock Revival, unlike most other designers, name their styles by their pockets instead of their actual fit. Just another thing that makes this particular designer so unique! Be sure to take a close look at sizing details before making a purchase.

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