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Launched in 2002 by mega designer and part-time cyclist Michael Ball, Rock and Republic has grown incredibly over the past seven years into a company that now features a full line of clothing and accessories in addition to its highly sought after designer jeans.

Ball actually first gained design experience by designing the uniforms for his cyclist team. Although Rock and Republic has grown into the fashion giant it is today, he still maintains his love for cycling and even found a way to fuse the two together. Rock and Republic is now the official sponsor of Rock Racing, which was also founded by Michael Ball.

When it comes to their jeans, Rock and Republic is at the forefront of denim fashion. Particularly in Los Angeles and New York, R+R jeans make a bold fashion statement while still providing the comfort and practicality you'd expect from a quality pair of designer jeans. They're also a popular designer of the trendy skinny jeans that have become a fashion staple only recently.

The most popular Rock and Republic jeans can be found in the VB Rocks line, which consists of only the highest quality pairs of jeans designed by Mrs. Victoria Beckham herself.* Very posh.

Check out our Rock & Republic Sizes guide for detailed info on how R+R jeans sizes compare to traditional US sizes.

*Although you can still find deals on Rock and Republic jeans by Victoria Beckham, she is no longer designing jeans for them. If you're looking for her new line, check out Denim by Victoria Beckham.

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