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Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans

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Nudie Jeans is a premium denim brand from Sweden that is currently exploding in popularity in the United States. Although Nudie Jeans are technically made for men, the slimmer cuts have become the favorites of many women as well. Some of the most popular Nudie styles among women include Super Slim Kim, Tight Long John and High Kai.

Explanation of styles:

Average Joe
The Average Joe style features a straight leg, a normal rise, and a button fly. Several types of the Average Joe jeans are made from organic material.

Easy Emil
The Easy Emil style of Nudie Jeans features a loose leg and a straight cut. This is one of the newer styles from Nudie.

Grim Tim
Nudie's Grim Tim style features a normal rise combined with a straight, slim fit. The cut is straight from the hip to the thigh and then it runs parallel from the knee down to the leg opening.

High Kai
The High Kai style from Nudie is very tight from the hips all the way down. The rise is somewhat on the long side. These jeans are pretty much only worn by guys and gals in bands.

Sharp Bengt
This style was formerly known as Big Bengt. It features a normal rise and has plenty of room around the hips and waist. The regular/loose leg is straight and tapers slightly down to its narrow opening at the leg. The back pockets sit pretty high. The Sharp Bengt style has a bit of a 1950s throwback feel to it.

Slacker Jack
The slim-fit Slacker Jack style from Nudie Jeans has actually been discontinued, but fear not - they can still be found in some shops as well as certain corners of the internet (ahem). Grab yourself a pair of Slacker Jacks before it's too late

Slim Jim
Despite the name, the Slim Jim line from Nudie jeans isn't actually all that slim. Compared to yesterday's standards, it may be, but as we all know, slim jeans have gotten awfully slim in the past few years. Slim Jim jeans are actually more of a straight fit. The rise is normal and the cut is straight from the hip to the leg opening. They sit a bit low on the hips. Slim Jim jeans are marked by a two-needle seam on the sides.

Super Slim Kim
Due to the ultra slim, tight fit of Super Slim Kim jeans by Nudie, they are one of the most often adopted styles by women, especially because they sit so low. However, this line has been discontinued by Nudie. Luckily, there are still a few pairs for sale here and there.

Thin Finn
Another of Nudie's super slim styles, Thin Finn jeans feature a normal rise with extra low back pockets.

Tight Long John
Most types of Tight Long John jeans from Nudie are made from power stretch denim. They live very close to the jeggings border, but they're not quite there. Despite the way they cling to your body, these jeans are actually among the most comfortable offered by Nudie Jeans.

Tight Kelly
The super stretchy, low-waisted, ultra tight Tube Kelly style from Nudie Jeans is comparable to the Tight Long John style, only this style features a slightly larger leg opening.

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