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Miss Me Jeans Sizing

First time buyers of Miss Me jeans may be confused when it comes to the sizes. Like other brands of premium denim, Miss Me uses a sizing system that is more closely related to actual waist size than the traditional sizes that most mass produced jeans use.

Use the following chart for a close approximation of how Miss Me jeans sizes translate into regular US sizes:

Miss Me jeans size chart

What about the inseams?

Also similar to other brands of high-end jeans, Miss Me jeans inseams run a bit on the long side and subsequently many people need to have them hemmed in order for them to be the appropriate length. All Miss Me jeans inseams range from 33" to 35" depending on the style and waist size.

You'll find the longest inseams in the Boot-cut family. Starting at 34" for the smallest waist sizes, boot-cut Miss Me jeans can have up to a 35" inseam.

Straight-leg styles start at 33.5" inseam and go up to 34.5" inseam for the bigger waist sizes.

The shortest inseam found on any pair of Miss Me jeans belongs to their skinny jeans line, in which inseams start at 33" and can be as long as 34".

Unless you are on the tall side or buy a pair that has already been altered, chances are you're going to want to take your new pair of Miss Me jeans to a tailor to have them custom hemmed. This is a routine service and shouldn't cost more than $20. Many alteration specialists will do it for even cheaper. Just be sure that when you bring them in that you clarify that you want an "original hem." For quality assurance, we recommend you have the hemming done at a big store with a long reputation such as Nordstrom or Barney's where they will happily give your jeans the perfect alteration.

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