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Laguna Beach Jean Co.

Laguna Beach Jean Co.

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The first high-end designer jeans label to come out of Orange County, CA, Laguna Beach Jean Company has only been around since November of 2007. However, their superb quality denim has earned them instant credibility in the fashion world and won over thousands of fans across the country.

Founders Steve and Christine Kim have captured the "OC style" with their extensive line of designer jeans by combining upscale style with the laid back So Cal attitude. Appropriately, each style of Laguna Beach jeans is named after a different Southern California beach city. Popular styles include familiar names such as Hermosa Beach, Aliso Beach, and Newport Beach. There is also one style named after "The Wedge", the notoriously dangerous and infamous surf spot located in Newport Beach.

Since Laguna Beach jeans hit the scene a couple years ago, they've already been adopted into the wardrobes of celebrities such as Britney Spears, T.I., Snoop Dogg, and many more.

Soon Laguna Beach Jean Co. plans to open their own retail stores in Southern California. At the present time, you can find them in over 500 high-end boutiques across the country, and of course here online!

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