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Designer Jeans Inseams

For those who are accustomed to buying your garden variety brands of jeans, it is usually confusing to browse designer jeans and find little to no information regarding inseam length. For instance, you might be checking out a pair of size 10 Levi's, and note the dimensions listed as 29"x28". This of course would indicate that waist size is 29" and the inseam (length from the crotch on down) is 28". However, with designer jeans, you are usually only given the waist size. Why is this? Are we to use our psychic powers to determine the inseam?

Well, being that they are high end clothing products, most designers want their styles uniformly cut a certain way.  Of course, they don't expect shorter people to walk around with their long jeans dragging underneath their shoes. Designer jeans are meant to be custom tailored to your particular length. Granted, many people don't bother having them altered and instead just wear them at the length they were originally purchased at, but if that length is unreasonably long on you, it is highly recommended that you have them hemmed.

When buying pre-owned designer jeans, this is especially something you should keep in mind. Make sure to check the details to see if the inseam has been altered. There's nothing worse than getting a great deal on your favorite pair of jeans on eBay, only to discover that three inches have been chopped off the bottom!

As far as original inseam lengths, they tend to vary from one designer to the next. However, here is a rough breakdown of the brands we feature here at Upscale Jeans:

Antik Denim: Depending on the specific style, Antik Denim jeans inseams usually run between 30"-33".

Chip and Pepper: Most styles of Chip and Pepper jeans feature an inseam of about 33". However, some older styles such as the original Sorority Girl actually had inseams as long as 36".

Hudson : Inseams run between 32"-36", depending on the style.

Joe's Jeans: Running anywhere from 30"-36", Joe's Jeans come in several dynamically different styles and therefore inseam lengths are fairly inconsistent.

Miss Me: Miss Me jeans inseams range from as short as 33" (skinny jeans) and go up to as long as 35" (bootcut).

Paige Premium Denim: Around 33"-35" inseams, depending on style.

Paper Denim & Cloth: Featuring some of the shorter original inseam lengths among designer brands, Paper Denim & Cloth jeans usually have an inseam of 30"-34", varying by style.

Rock & Repubilc: Very popular among taller folks, R&R's run a bit long with a default 34"-36" inseam, depending on the style (I know I keep saying that, but it's important!).

7 For All Mankind: Since 7 jeans feature considerably more styles than the competition, inseam lengths vary much more as a result. You can find uncut 7 jeans with inseams ranging from 29" to 36".

True Religion: Most styles of True Religion jeans feature a 34" inseam, but a couple styles have 35". For a complete breakdown, check out our True Religion Sizes and Styles Guide.

Hope this helps! Best of luck on your quest to finding the perfect pair.

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