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Denim Repair

Some Holes On Your Jeans Are Not Cool. Repair Your Jeans Now.

Let's face it; designer jeans are an investment, and we all want to get the most out of our investments, right? If you hit a pole with your car (purely hypothetical, we know you would never do that), you don't throw it away and get a new car, correct? Well, if you do, then you probably don't care how much your jeans cost and are therefore on the wrong website! For the rest of you, we're going to talk about denim repair.

torn jeansJust like you wouldn't try to do body work on your own car, if you aren't a professional, you probably shouldn't try to repair your own jeans. Luckily, a new service has sprung forth that makes the process of getting your ripped or torn jeans fixed incredibly easy and cost-effective.

The company is called Denim Therapy. If you haven't already heard of them, they are a relatively new company in New York that are masters of denim repair.

What Do They Do? Patch Holes? I Can Do That!

No, no, they do not use patches at all. What they do is use a technology called MatchPerfect™ to match the thread and color of your denim and actually replace it, making them look as if the rip/tear/hole had never existed. It is actually quite brilliant. The process actually analyzes the indigo saturation, weight, and wear of your denim to ensure the best possible match. On top of that, they include a three month warranty on their work.

How Much Does it Cost?

Good question. We're glad you asked! It can very depending on how much work needs to be done, but in general they charge $7 per inch for the repair of holes and tears. More complex work such as hem or zipper repairs are $25. If the problem is on the back pocket, there is usually a $10 fee applied. You will receive an estimate of the total cost before you decide if you want the work performed.

Bulk Discounts?

Boy, you sure tear your jeans a lot! Unfortunately, since they work on each pair of jeans by hand, they are not able to offer any discounts if you send in numerous pairs of jeans.

Okay, Sounds Awesome. Where Do I Send my Jeans?

For information on where to mail (or drop off if you're in the NYC area), head on over to

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