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When fashion designers Emily Current & Merrit Elliott came together in July, 2008 along with close friend, entrepreneur, and fashion visionary Serge Azria, designer jeans label Current/Elliott was born.

The originality and love for vintage denim shared by both Current and Elliott is very evident in their unique and inspired designs. According to the official Bio,, "(Emily and Merrit) believe in individuality, dressing without rules and mixing high and low with confidence and flair."

As per the strict standards of Current and Elliott (whose official titles are "Creative Directors"), every denim piece produced by Current/Elliott is of the highest quality and entirely unique, resulting in a timeless piece of fashion that provides a refreshing alternative to run of the mill denim products.

There are many distinct styles of these up and coming designer jeans. Some popular collections from Current/Elliott include their boyfriend denim line as well as their line of skinny denim.

If you'd like more information on finding an off-line retailer of Current/Elliott jeans, send an email to [email protected]

Kate Beckinsale in Current/Elliott Jeans
Kate Beckinsale sporting a pair of Current/Elliott jeans.

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