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Citizens of Humanity

Citizens of Humanity Jeans

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Some time ago, a man named Jerome Dahan co-founded a designer jeans brand you may be familiar with called 7 For All Mankind. Dahan was also the head of desgin for Lucky brand jeans for quite some time. Obviously, he is a man that knows his denim.

In 2003, Dahan decided it was time to launch his very own line of exceptional quality designer jeans. Thus, Citizens of Humanity was born.

Today, Citizens of Humanity jeans are sold in over 35 countries worldwide and recognized as one of the premier brands of designer denim. You can't turn on the television or open a celebrity magazine without spotting a pair of Citizens.

Since we aim to bring you the absolute best deals on discount designer jeans, it is only natural that we would have to bring you bargains on these legendary jeans.

*NEW* And for you expectant mothers, we've recently added deals on Citizens of Humanity Maternity Jeans to the site!

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