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Chip and Pepper

Chip & Pepper Jeans

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One of the older designer jeans labels around, Chip & Pepper has been in the business of making high quality denim since 1987. Starting out in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, brothers Gavin and Drew Foster built the company from a small family operation to the famous fashion label that it is today.

However, it wasn't until 2003 that the Chip & Pepper brand was resurrected and became a major player in the designer jeans game. With help from The Style Network as well as E! television, the brand received the coverage it needed to create a major demand for their product.

Known for their lightweight and typically bootcut fit, Chip & Pepper jeans can be found at most department stores that carry designer denim. The Foster brothers also have a line of clothing for teens and young adults called C7P.

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