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7 For All Mankind Jeans Details

7 For All Mankind Jeans are unique in the sense that their styles for men are very similar to their styles for women, just with a different cut to flatter each gender, respectively. Here's a little rundown of the general styles available:

One of the most popular styles, 7's bootcut jeans feature a low, snug fit on the waist with an overall tight fit and bootcut leg.

Wide Leg
The lowest rise of all the styles, wide leg jeans offer a tight fit and wide trouser leg.

Another exceptionally popular style of 7 jeans, the flare style pairs sit low on the waist with a tight overall fit and of course the signature flare below the knee.

7 Rocker jeans have a tad more rise to them than other styles and offer a snug fit down to the calf where they begin to flare out.

"A" Pocket
Low on the waist and tight around the knees, "A" pocket jeans sit low on the hips and feature a contour waistband that flatters the behind. It is generally recommended that you move up a size for these jeans from the basic Bootcut or Flare jeans.

Flynt Waist
The Flynt jeans sit low on the hips with a bootcut leg. Like the "A" Pocket jeans, these pairs also feature a contour waistband.

Boycut jeans sit a tad higher on the hips than the classic Bootcut jeans. These jeans also fit a bit looser than the other styles with a bootcut leg.

If you've never tried on a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans, here is a handy size chart to convert regular womens US sizes to their approximate waist sizes for this particular designer:

To find a pair of 7 jeans in your size, use the form found on this page.

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